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chatra tourism - Bhadrakali Mandir tourism

It is a very famous religious comes into one of the sakti piths. It is located 1.5 kms away from Itkhori Block in Bhaduli Village. It is situated at Chatra Chouparan path. This place is surrounded by three sides from Buxa River which looks like U-shaped. The premises of Maa Bhadrakali Temple is sorrounded with green forests, falls. It has great importance in History of India bec...

chatra tourism - Kauleshwari Mandir tourism

This famous temple is built on Koleshwari Mountains. It has statues of three deities namely Mardini, Trishuladharni and Kauleshwari. All of them are made of black stone. it is a sacred place at the top of a hill in Chatra where a largge number of pilgrims flock to hilltop for worship on Basant Panchami and Ram Navami days. Sacrifice of goat in front of temple is common.Jains venerate the...

Weather Forecast for Chatra
So are you thinking of visiting chatra in the next few days? There is nothing bad than reaching your tourist destination in a bad weather. So before you plan for chatra, first check out our weather forcast for the next few days.