Tourist Places to See in godda

godda tourism - Yogini Sthan tourism

Yogini maa mandir situated in Pathargama is also globally famous. It is believed that Goddess sati bodypart had fallen at this place when Lord Shiva was carrying her body around the world. People from various parts of the world visit the place which is located on a hilltop having around 400 stairs to move to the peak. There is a very small cave where the deity exists. People enter into t...

godda tourism - Sunder Dam tourism

It is situated some 17kms from Mohanpur Chowk of Mahagama Block. It is a very picturesque place unspoilt by human activity. The water is crystal clear. It looks like scotland. the meadows are green and cattle can be seen grazing in the sun. Especiallly when one goes there in spring season the hills around look like a painting. One can see all shades of colours in the trees. Jharkhand go...

Weather Forecast for Godda
So are you thinking of visiting godda in the next few days? There is nothing bad than reaching your tourist destination in a bad weather. So before you plan for godda, first check out our weather forcast for the next few days.