Tourist Places to See in sahibganj

sahibganj tourism - Binduvasini Mandir tourism

It is located 2 km from Barharwa railway station in Rajmahal subdivision of Sahibganj district. Devotees gather hre in large number in Ram Navami during the fair that last 9 days...

sahibganj tourism - Moti Jharna tourism

It is near Maharajpur the natural beauty of it is very attractive which is a very good picnic spot. The stream found its source from the Rajmahal hills. The waterfall is in two steps and can be seen from the river Ganga itself while on the boat. One can go to the very top of the waterfall and from there the view of the Rajmahal hills and the river Ganga below is breahtaking....

sahibganj tourism - Jama Masjid tourism

The Jami Masjid in Hadaf at Rajmahal was built in 1592 AD, during the reign of Raja Maan Singh. The mosque originally consisted of a large prayer hall to the west and a spacious courtyard in the front. A high compound wall encloses it with arched recesses inside. The Jami Masjid was once considered the most beautiful building in Gaur (Bengal) of which only the southern portion exists tod...

Weather Forecast for Sahibganj
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