Tourism in Jharkhand

Jharkhand is one of the greenest states of India, known for its mineral resources. But, Jharkhand is much more than this. It is one of the best tourism destinations in India. Yes, you read it right. If we talk about tourism in Jharkhand, there are various options ranging from natural spots to cultural spots, heritage places to religious places. Jharkhand is among the less explored and inexpensive states in terms of tourism. Visit Jharkhand to explore and experience the colour, cuisine, culture and hospitality of Jharkhand. There is a huge list of tourist places in Jharkhand, it attracts nature lovers to culture lovers, heritage lovers to religious people. You can experience here breathtaking waterfalls, springs at the heart of nature, green hills, lush green forests, national parks, tiger reserves, dams hosting migratory birds and what not! Being the tribal heartland, it has an amazing culture, customs and cuisines to satisfy your senses. From Baidyanath Dham to Rajrappa temple, Maa Bhadrakali temple to Maa Ugra Tara temple, Paras Nath Hill to Itkhori; it has such spiritually energizing places. Kahiya aiba Jharkhand? Aa Jayiha!

Top Jharkhnad Tourist Places

In Jharkhnad there are so many tourist places as Neterhat, Betla National Park, Dalma Wildlife Sanctury, Dimna Lake, Baba Dham, Basukinath Mandir, Dassam Waterfall etc.

Jharkhand Tourist Spot



Jharkhand is known for its natural beauty, tribal culture, heritage, and religious places. It is known for its craft and cuisine. Being a state in the plateau region, it has many natural tourist spots including hills, waterfalls, springs, and forests. Jharkhand tourist spot without natural spots is incomplete and impossible. The countless natural spots include Betla National Park, Hazaribagh wildlife sanctuary, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Palamu Tiger Reserve, Bhagwan Birsa zoological park, Birsa Deer Park, Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary, Mota Crocodile Park, Lalkhatanga Biodiversity Park, and etc. Some other amazing spots in the list of Jharkhand tourist spot are Saranda forest, Suraj Kund (Hot-water spring), Tattapani Hot-water Spring, Hargaddi Chokahatu ( The Land of Megaliths), Hirni Waterfall, Hundru Waterfall, Johna Waterfall, Dasam Waterfall, Lodh Waterfall, Trikuti Hill, Dalma Hill, Netarhat, Rajmahal Hills, Tagore Hill, Nandan Pahar and the list goes on. So, when is your plan? Awa Jharkhand.

Tourist Places in Ranchi



Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand is also known for its landscape, flora, and fauna. It is a very beautiful city. Undoubtedly, it is loved by tourists for its greenery, falls, heritage and temples. If you are visiting Ranchi, don’t forget to visit the amazing tourist places in Ranchi. Ranchi has amazing falls and hills. The Dasam fall, Johna fall, Hundru fall, Sita fall are some must-visit breathtaking falls in Ranchi. Interestingly, if we talk about heritage, Ranchi has ancient temples (like Jagannath temple, Pahari Mandir), ancient churches (like St. Mary’s Cathedral, Gossener), Ratu palace (the capital of Nagvanshis of Chhotanagpur), and etc.

While making a list of places to visit in Ranchi, don’t forget to list Jagannath temple (similar to the famous Jagannath temple of Puri), Pahari Mandir, Sun Temple, Bhagwan Birsa biological park, Bhagwan Birsa Mrig Vihar, Ranchi Science centre, Tribal Museum, Machli Ghar, Nakshatra van, Rock Garden. The list is truly long. The Falls, Dams, Parks, and Hills are the most liked Picnic spots in Ranchi, naming a few, Getalsud dam, Kanke dam, Dhurwa dam, Rukka dam, Ratu park, Siddhu Kanhu park, Ranchi Biodiversity park, Tagore Hill, Ranchi Hill, and etc. if you are already in Ranchi then pack your get ready for these unmissable tourist places in Ranchi. And, if you are yet to visit then go and pack your bags and visit these amazing places in Ranchi.

Top Jharkhnad Tourist Places

There are number of beautiful tourist places in Ranchi.

Waterfalls in Jharkhand

In Jharkhand there are number of waterfalls as Lodh Falls, Hundru Falls, Jonha Falls, Dassam Falls, Hirni Falls etc.


Visit the breathtaking Jharkhand waterfalls

Jharkhand falls in the plateau region, specifically it forms a major part of Chotanagpur plateau. It can be said that the Chotanagpur plateau is collectively formed of Ranchi Plateau, Hazaribagh plateau, and Koderma Plateau. Running from west to east (through its center), it has faulted Damodar River Valley. So, there are numerous waterfalls in Jharkhand. These are one of the best natural tourist places as well as picnic spots. Some of them are worth visiting throughout the year but some show good flow only during the rainy season. Some are very high as Lodh Falls, Hundru Falls, Jonha Falls, Dassam Falls but others are average or low. The Lodh Falls also known as Budha Ghag is situated in Latehar. It lies in the deepest jungles of Latehar and forms a part of Mahuadanr Wolf Sanctuary. It is the highest waterfall among the Jharkhand waterfalls. Jharkhand is home to waterfalls. Come and visit the land of plateau, Valley, waterfalls and jungles. Pack your bags and get ready for an amazing trip in Jharkhand. A natural tourist spot lover will have lots of fun here. Visit waterfalls in Jharkhand and feel magical in the lap of nature. One of the greenest states of India calls you to visit. Aa jayiha!


Temples in Jharkhand

Come visit the Holy Places

Jharkhand is known in sanatan history from time immemorial. It has an old history. The religious people must visit the temples here and feel the energy. In Jharkhand, in the Deoghar district there is Deoghar temple, also known as the Baidyanath dham. It is dedicated to lord Shiv and is one of the twelve jyotirlings (sacred pillars of light energy) on the earth. Those who visit the Baidyanath Dham, they also go to the neighbouring district of Dumka to visit Basukinath temple. This is a temple dedicated to lord shiva who is also known as Basukinath, the nath (lord) of Basuki (name of the snake, lord Shiva wears in his neck). People usually visit this place during shravani mela.

At Rajrappa, in the Ramgarh district of Jharkhand, there is Rajrappa temple also known as Maa Chhinmastika temple. This temple is dedicated to Maa Chhinmastika, a roop of Maa Kali. It is situated on the bank of River Bhairavi or Bheda in the Ramgarh district. If we want to note more then, there are many other famous temples in Jharkhand, they are Bhadrakali temple at Ithkhori, Maa Ugratara Mandir at Chandwa, Bansidhar Mandir at Nagar untari, Jagarnath Mandir in Ranchi, Pahari Mandir in Ranchi, Devri Mandir in Ranchi, Maluti temple in Dumka, Bindudham in Shahibganj, Shivgadi in Shahibganj and etc. So, get ready and visit these amazing and energetic temples in Jharkhand.

Jharkhand is a land of temples.